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Lost Resort cast rendered by Chris Fason
  Since 2001, Germ Comics has been the home of several bold, unique concepts from writer-creator Christopher Howard Wolf. Check back once in a while to keep tabs on the many projects we have in the pipeline. Every idea starts with a germ!

  … 01:53:10 PM 01/16/14 by Slimebeast
Just a small update after such a loooooooooooooooong time! We finally have all the material in (or at least the stuff that was finished!) and it's all uploaded and ready.

Watch for another update when we have an idea of a release date!

  … 11:54:27 PM 04/01/13 by Slimebeast
If you've been waiting to buy the book until it hit ComiXology... well, why?!... but also, here it is!

  … 02:14:54 AM 11/29/12 by Slimebeast
Do you like scary movies?

If so, check out 215ink's trailer for Love Monster!

If you watched that, contratulations! You are now cursed. Share it with two friends. :)

  … 08:37:10 PM 11/15/12 by Slimebeast
This review comes to us from the keyboard of John Lees!

Pick your poison:



  … 08:53:48 PM 11/09/12 by Slimebeast
Did you see the Love Monster banner on ?

We're excited to be able to advertise on such a prestigeous and -- ahhh, just kidding! Bloody Cruel is a spoof of the real comic and movie news site

We did this as a little Halloween "trick"... or "treat", depending on your view. Check it out, and maybe chuckle a bit. ;)
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